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Lunch & Learn: Cyber Security and Risk Management

Past Event | 2013 | Click here to view presentation materials [cherry_icon icon=”icon: fa fa-file-pdf-o” size=”12″ align=”none” color=”inherit”]

How effective is your financial institution’s cyber security and risk management strategy?

The greatest risks posed to today’s financial institutions are often those not considered until a security incident or breach occurs. The penalties for security breaches are severe. Identification and evaluation of potential risks has become even more challenging with the advent of cloud computing, social media strategies and our over reliance on technology tools.

Join us for a discussion led by industry experts in the areas of enterprise risk management and cyber security. Learn how to best protect your institution and implement proven mitigation strategies that work.

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  • Proactive defense strategies
  • How to maintain a state of assurance through continual monitoring
  • Security infrastructure assessment and design strategies
  • Methods and techniques used by advanced adversaries
  • Cultivating and analyzing sources of malware and adversary tools, tactics and procedures


Offered in conjunction with Watkins Meegan, Applied Discovery, and General Dynamics Fidelis Cybersecurity Solutions.