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Watkins Consulting has been providing business advice to Financial sector and Government clients for over 30 years in a multitude of areas, with special emphasis on regulatory and compliance monitoring, litigation support, and related challenges.

Watkins is positioned to provide value-focused and timely expertise for our clients by supplying skilled professionals, knowledgeable in their areas of discipline and possessing real, applicable ‘in-the-field’ experience.


Watkins Consulting offers expert review and evaluation of compliance with government and industry regulations. We analyze compliance in the areas of financial reporting, corporate filings, fair lending, and other laws and regulations. We supply the critical skills and expertise required to establish procedures, maintain policies, and implement an effective compliance program.


Watkins Consulting provides expert opinions and evaluations on compliance policies and procedures and corrective action on regulatory matters. We provide forensic analysis of compliance programs and can develop and assist in the implementation of compliance risk management strategies. Our team has expertise in the full range of Financial Institution regulations and has unique skills in Bank Secrecy Act and Anti-Money Laundering issues.

Watkins experienced staff and industry partners can immediately step into complex projects that require insight into relationships regulations, business practices, and accurate accounting. Watkins has a proven track record of contributing excellent value to government, government entities, and private business when providing consulting services in both initial and follow-up compliance audits.

Watkins can conduct procedures in order validate regulatory compliance. During a compliance validation engagement, our compliance experts will conduct a formal process to determine if a required course of action is being fully and efficiently implemented.

We will review operational procedures to ensure the process is operating as intended. During this review, our analysts will evaluate whether the regulatory and/or stated objectives are being met.

We will evaluate the output of each process to determine if it is producing the expected results. Any deviations will be documented and researched. Our team can assist with modifications in order to correct these deficiencies.

We will retain and catalog documentation throughout the engagement. Watkins’ written reports can serve as evidence of compliance and validation.


Watkins Consulting offers specialized accounting services in the areas of Forensic Accounting, Litigation Support, Financial Reporting, and Internal Controls services. With a seasoned team, we have the requisite breadth and depth of knowledge in key service areas. We use clear and concise communication in order to forge strong client relationships and are passionate about our clients’ success.


Watkins Consulting has experienced, CPA-certified accountants on staff; well-versed in current accounting standards. Our accountants interpret and apply changes in accounting standards, examine financial statements for irregularities, and implement related reporting requirements.

We guide our clients through the complexities of accounting regulations and applications.

Service offerings include:

  • Technical interpretation, implementation, and integration of Financial Accounting Standards (FAS), including: FAS 115, 133, 140, 149, 157, and 159
  • Policy formulation and guidance relating to complex accounting matters
  • Review and testing of IT systems and sub-systems for proper application of GAAP
  • Audits of business rules and operational paradigms
  • Evaluation of compliance with SOX, GLBA, HIPAA, FIPS, and other regulatory requirements
  • Application of controls derived from industry standard frameworks (COBIT, ISO 17799, and ITIL)

Risk Management

Watkins Consulting offers risk management services with a structured and disciplined approach. We emphasize the alignment of strategy, policy, process and people. These elements are combined for the purpose of evaluating and managing the uncertainties and risks that may impact the achievement of our clients’ key program objectives.


Watkins Consulting provides precise guidance for projects involving Internal Controls. Our risk management, accounting, and compliance experts will review current policies and procedures in place, compare them to applicable Federal Guidance (such as GAAP, GASB, OMB, NIST), and define any gaps in compliance.

We will work with a client to develop on-going, sustainable processes for maintaining key internal controls. We can review the remediation of previously identified internal control gaps and any changes in compliance via changes in regulations.

We can review and revise process narratives of major business cycles. We will identify key financial controls then develop programs to test the design and effectiveness of these controls. If desired by the client, Watkins can conduct the testing of the controls.

Client Experience

Our priority is to give our clients an excellent experience. This starts with our dedicated project leaders that optimize both our client interaction and project management to produce success. Communication is focused through the project leader to increase our understanding of our clients’ needs. Project work is carried out by experienced staff to maximize value. Sometimes value is derived from not just completing a project but on completing the right project. By leveraging our seasoned staff and a carefully selected pool of partners we provide both a deep and wide knowledge base that benefits our clients.

Staff Ready to Help
Staff Experience

Our staff features experienced professionals who bring their knowledge to our clients. We have recruited staff from throughout the financial sector who have a proven record of project and leadership success. We understand that getting the job done right the first time is a lot easier when the right people are working on the project. Smart people who have built up a repertoire of project know-how and technical expertise. We recruit these highly qualified people to make sure that our clients’ projects are successful.

Watkins Experience

We have 30+ years of experience in the financial sector. Our initial work with the Resolution Trust Corporation led to a variety of accounting, governance and compliance engagements in both the government and commercial sectors. Today we continue to offer those services, but we are developing the services that our clients will need tomorrow as well. For instance, we have added a cybersecurity governance practice to our service offerings. Watkins is determined to provide excellent value to our clients now and in the future.

About Us

To Provide ‘Results Driven’ Expertise

Watkins Consulting is a forensic accounting and management consulting firm specializing in all aspects of the Financial Services industry and the Federal Government sector. Our experts represent a synthesis of multi-disciplinary professionals in finance, accounting, compliance, and information technology. Our focus is on providing “results driven” analytical and management consulting services by leveraging a national network of experienced professionals and value-added strategic partnerships. Our goal is to provide value-focused, superior business guidance, and innovative solutions for every project.

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