In his more than 35 years as an independent auditor, management consultant and executive with Watkins Consulting, Inc. (“WCI”) and other international management consulting firms, Mr. Genevish has significant experience in the financial institution industry, including 15 years of business and program management experience working in the bank resolutions and receivership arenas with the Federal Deposit Insurance Company (“FDIC”) and the Resolution Trust Corporation (“RTC”) and complex financial institution environments with major regional banks and Government Sponsored Enterprises (“GSE”).

Having formed WCI in 1990, for the purpose of providing consulting and accounting services to the RTC, Mr. Genevish gained significant knowledge and insight from the 1990-1996 vintage bank closures including participation in weekend closures, ongoing receivership asset and financial management, claims and settlements, investigations and complex litigation. Mr. Genevish has again been significantly involved in resolution and receivership matters in the complex program areas of Shared Loss Agreements and Structured Sales Transactions. Moreover, Mr. Genevish has more than 10 years of program management experience working with the Department of Justice on a collection of complex financial institution litigation matters known as the Winstar-related litigation or the Supervisory Goodwill cases. All told, Mr. Genevish has overseen and managed in excess of one million hours of professional service rendered to WCI’s clients.


Watkins Consulting, Inc., President

Mr. Genevish co-founded WCI for the purpose of providing financial management, litigation and regulatory consulting services to the Federal Government and public and private financial institutions Mr. Genevish is significantly involved in the complex project segment of the firm’s practice providing consulting expert services in the areas of enterprise business management, GAAP interpretation and enterprise-wide implementation, planning and project strategy development, resource deployment and quality control.

Currently, Mr. Genevish is the firm’s Program Manager for the FDIC’s Shared Loss and LLC’s—Structured Sales Transaction programs overseeing approximately 25 complex projects involving 40–50 professionals. His responsibilities include overall program policy and standards formulation and implementation of best practices in the areas of certification and visitation operations, work product quality assurance, human resources deployment, Information Systems Continuity, Data Security, and Cryptology.

Certifications and Memberships

  • CPA, member of the American Association of Certified Public Accountants