Download your free FFEIC Cybersecurity Assessment Tool (2017 version)Excel Workbook (version 3.4.2; new 11/12/2019). Watkins published an Excel-based workbook that automates the tracking and scoring of an institution’s maturity levels and risk profile based on the FFIEC published a Cybersecurity Assessment Tool that is designed to help financial institutions identify and evaluate their cybersecurity risk awareness and readiness.

Download your free NIST CSF 1.1 Excel Workbook. Watkins published an update to our Excel-based workbook that aids the tracking of an institution’s risk management work based on NIST's  Cybersecurity Framework. This workbook can be used help firms improve their cybersecurity risk awareness and readiness. The latest version is 4.5. Register and get a companion workbook for gap analysis.


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We have updated our free Excel workbook from NIST CSF to version 6.04 on July 26, 2022. New features include a copy of SP 800-53 Rev 5. and a beta version of a controls builder. This workbook is free for use and can be downloaded from our website—link to the NIST
FFIEC Cybersecurity Assessment Tool
Watkins recognized that in order to fully benefit from the multi-dimensional aspect of the Tool, an Excel-based solution could be helpful. Therefore, we created and posted an Excel workbook that puts the FFIEC Cybersecurity Assessment Tool into action by tracking your responses and calculating inherent risk, cybersecurity maturity, and cross-plotting

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http://www.americanbanker.com/bankthink/its-anyones-guess-how-fincen-determines-fines-1079793-1.html *****Industry News from American Banker*****The Financial Crimes Enforcement Network determination of penalties is not transparent and there is limited public process to help the public learn about what Fincen is doing or why. This is in contrast to the OCC and other federal banking agencies.
http://www.ffiec.gov/cyberassessmenttool.htm *****Industry News from the FFIEC*****The Federal Financial Institutions Examination Council (FFIEC) developed the Cybersecurity Assessment Tool (Assessment) to help institutions identify their risks and determine their cybersecurity preparedness. The Assessment provides a repeatable and measurable process for financial institutions to measure their cybersecurity preparedness over time.
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https://www.csbs.org/CyberSecurity/Documents/CSBS%20Cybersecurity%20101%20Resource%20Guide%20FINAL.pdf *****Industry News from the CSBC*****The Conference of State Bank Supervisors has issued a resource guide intended to help bank senior management understand and plan for improved cybersecurity, as “The number of cyber-attacks directed at financial institutions of all sizes is growing. Addressing this new threat requires a concerted effort
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http://www.nist.gov/cyberframework/index.cfm *****Industry News from the NIST*****Information from NIST  regarding the NIST Cybersecurity Framework. This website is continually updated and is a great source of cybersecurity governance information and tools.

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